Sauna landscape at the Hotel Aussicht

The sauna - the best relaxation after an active day

The fiery heart of the spa area beats in the sauna landscape - where else? If you would like to bathe in the heat, seek relaxation after the mountain sports or are wont to go to the sauna to strengthen your health, then you will find your luck in the saunas. Let yourself be caressed by hot temperatures.

A visit to the sauna in Finkenberg stimulates the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, cleans the respiratory tract and creates a soft feeling on the skin. Enough reasons to pay a visit to the sauna - in the holidays at the Hotel Aussicht in Tyrol you can do that every day.

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Look forward to varied sauna experiences in the holidays in Finkenberg:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Biological herb sauna
  • Aroma steambath
  • Infrared cabin

The Finns have known it for a long time: Going to the sauna makes more resistant and beautiful. The sauna is a daily ritual in this country, best in one’s own sauna house in the garden. Although we do not have a sauna house, we can offer you something else: a marvellous view of the mountain world. While the infusion hisses on the stones, you can watch the firs moving in the wind in front of the windows of the classic sauna and the biological sauna. The hottest temperature can be found in the traditional sauna: The Finnish sauna reaches temperatures of up to 90 °C. In the biological sauna with the scent of herbs, the climate is better for your circulatory system. Even gentler is the steam bath which is also especially beneficial for your respiratory tract.

But the heat is only half the story: Only if you cool down your body after the heat you will fully benefit of the sauna effect. On the open-air terrace you can breathe fresh mountain air or you jump under the cold shower. Afterwards you can relax in the oasis of quietude, wrapped tightly in your cuddly bathrobe.

No matter if you complement your training in the fitness room with a sauna session, visit the sauna before dinner or after skiing, our sauna landscape will be ready for you. Look forward to an activity and spa holiday in one of the most beautiful places in Tyrol.